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Welcome Back!

Mrs L Thompson - Head of School at SET Maidstone & Causton

Welcome back to school and to our first school bulletin of this new academic year. A busy week in school came to an end with Autumn certainly having arrived.

We are getting back in the full swing of organising our new reps for the schools Pupil Forum. We are looking forward to getting the meetings up and running and talking to the children about their experiences of learning and life at SET Maidstone and Causton.

Mrs Hearn and I walked both sites this week and saw children in all classes engaged in their learning. We particularly enjoyed having the time to look at the new displays going up across the school and talking to the children about their understanding of the school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe.

It has also been wonderful to be back into full assemblies again with all children coming together to share work, celebrate and learn about important topics – this is one of the areas that we have all missed so much in the last few months.

We are also aware that you may have concerns of COVID cases rising again in Suffolk. As a Trust we are keeping in regular contact with local schools, Suffolk County Council COVID team and PHE for regular updates on the situation. There are no changes to the running of school currently but if this was to change we will of course contact all families immediately.

Thank you all for your continued support in keeping our children, staff and community safe.

Mrs L Thompson, Head of School