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Timetable w/c 22 February 2021 – download

PHSE timetable w/c 22 February 2021 – download

Robins is a Cognition and Learning Unit (C&L) within SET Maidstone and Causton. Cognition and Learning within the “SEN Code of Practice”

(, is defined as follows:

Paragraph 6.30

‘Support for learning difficulties may be required when children and young people learn at a slower pace than their peers, even with appropriate differentiation.  Learning difficulties cover a wide range of needs, including moderate learning difficulties (MLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD),where children are likely to need support in all areas of the curriculum and associated difficulties with mobility and communication, through to profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), where children are likely to have severe and complex learning difficulties as well as a physical disability or sensory impairment.’

Paragraph 6.31

‘Specific learning difficulties (SpLD) affect one or more specific aspects of learning. This encompasses a range of conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.’

Cognition and learning needs may encompass most of the curriculum, such as for pupils with MLD or SLD.  However, cognition and learning needs may only impact on specific areas such as reading, writing, spelling and mental calculations. Cognition and learning needs generally account for difficulties in curriculum-related areas such as:

  • reading, writing and spelling
  • numerosity
  • comprehension
  • processing difficulties such as sequencing, inference, coherence and elaboration
  • working memory
  • short term verbal memory
  • other types of executive function difficulties

Robins is made up of two teaching rooms, a sensory room, kitchen and toilet. We organise our teaching in a holistic way, one that ensures that the educational and learning needs of the child are our prime focus.

Due to Covid 19 we have followed school’s advice from the DFE.  What this means to your children is:

  • temperatures are taken upon arrival;
  • hands are sanitised upon arrival and between all inside and outside activities;
  • Robins children and staff are in one bubble, we have allocated times for playtimes and lunchtimes where the children are supervised by Robins staff and stay within their bubble;
  • Robins rooms are cleaned regularly throughout the day;
  • Higher risk resources, such as soft toys have been removed from rooms for the time being;
  • Children keep all of their resources within a box and designated areas within the classroom and we minimise what we bring into school from home and take home from school.

Children will arrive at school from 9.00 am. We come into school from the Robins gate at the top of the school driveway. The day starts with breakfast and registration.  A member of staff is always at our gate to talk with parents if you need us. Registration will be in our learning rooms.  We share the lunch menu with school dinner children and order lunch for the week on a Monday. Lunch always consists of a hot meat option, a hot vegetarian option, jacket potato with beans/cheese or both, pasta and tomato sauce, a desert, jelly or yoghurt. So, the children never go hungry!

We share the structure of their day visually, verbally and individually with the children.  All children will be taught by all staff over the course of the week. We follow the National Curriculum and link the SENDInspire targets to plan the individual small steps children need. The children’s EHCP targets are incorporated into their teaching and learning through their SENDInspire customised targets. We deliver learning in a variety of ways across the morning.  All learning is punctuated with sensory and physical  breaks, this enables children to achieve their targets and build concentration.

We teach children in a multi-sensory way which matches their learning needs, they will be working in small groups, in pairs, as a whole class and individually. To do this safely children will be able to sit together but will be facing forward. There will always be 2-3 adults in each room, who will support interaction and learning at all times.

The key worker for your child will be either Mrs Burns or Mrs Coleman.  If you have any questions with regard to your child’s key worker, please ask.

We are looking continuing to develop a therapeutic/educational setting . The year starts with baselining each child.  This tells us where your child’s learning needs are. We will then plan specific learning and therapeutic interventions to match your child’s needs.

We have in place daily structures with clear, high expectations.  These structures and expectations will make Robins children feel safe, which in turn will enable them to access learning.

The Robins’ team is looking forward to working with your children this academic year and developing the learning opportunities we offer.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to any of us.

Robins Staff

Pippa Coleman – Teacher, Helen Burns – Teacher

Maria Cattermole – Cover Teacher, Sophie Cantwell – Teaching Assistant

Faith Myers – Teaching Assistant – Mel Summers – Teaching Assistant,

Sab Hussain – Teaching Assistant – Emma Perkins – Teaching Assistant,

Sarah Pountney – Teaching Assistant