Spring Term in Year 6
We are soon to return to school. Please do remember that we need to keep the windows and doors open for ventilation and the children need to dress accordingly with extra layers until the weather warms up a bit.
Focus of Study

This term we will be studying Tourism as our geography topic. This will allow us to consider key aspects of our culture and the human impact on the world. In Science we will focus on animals including humans where we will be using the practical equipment and refining our skills of completing experiments.

In English, we will focus on a broad range of writing types across fiction and non-fiction including narrative, poetry and persuasion. We will be seeking to be much more accurate in our grammar and punctuation, choose vocabulary carefully and develop our consistency in spelling. 

A key objective is to ensure that our children are reading frequently and across a wide range of book types. In class we will be sharing Holes by Louis Sachar. All children are given the opportunity to use the school library to select a challenging but enjoyable book and our target is to complete an average book within two weeks. Children are given opportunities to read individually in class but the key focus here is on comprehension. Your support in this would be very much appreciated.


Reading, ideally 5 x per week, with a minimum of 4 x week at home – this is so important. Reading to your child and discussing the book is also most welcome. The children have a reading journal to record their reading and reflect about what they have read. There are examples of activities they could do in the front of the journal. Please sign your child’s journal at least once a week to acknowledge their home reading.

Children will continue to receive weekly spellings which are accompanied by some form of grammar work. Maths homework will also be given out weekly and will relate to the subject taught in class or to ‘brush up’ on the basics of rapid mental recall and calculation as discussed at parent meetings. Children are encouraged to look at their homework sooner rather than later so that they can seek help if needed. We hope your children continue to use Times Table Rockstars and Purple Mash at home. Please look for homework being handed out on Fridays for return the following Wednesday.


PE will be on a Thursday and Friday in the afternoon and we will be learning tennis and netball. For now, the children need to come to school in their PE kits on Thursday and Friday.


If you have any concerns then please get in touch to discuss the matter. Remember to keep posting on Seesaw – it is a brilliant way to show our achievements and share any messages.

Mrs Hockley