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If you wish to email a member of staff, please contact them via Seesaw or send an email marked to the attention of the teacher to:

Strategic Leadership Team

Head of SchoolMrs L Thompson
Deputy Head of SchoolMiss J Urey
SENCoMrs Cassie Smith
Pastoral Support ManagerMrs Helen Brunning
Senior Teacher / Kestrels’ Class TeacherMrs Helen Hockley

Joint Staff

Trust Lead Administration ManagerMrs Lynne Friston
Deputy SENCoMs Katy Cook
PE CoachMr Jack Entwistle
Play therapistMrs Hannah Cotton
Site Manager  vacancy
Lead Cleaner morningsMrs Jo Errington
Lead Cleaner afternoonsMr David Roberts

Maidstone Staff

Zebra Class Teacher (job share)Mrs Maddie Veal
Zebra Class Teacher (job share)Ms Jenny Monk
Panther Class Teacher Mrs Polly Ford
Panther Class Teacher / (Maternity cover)Mrs Claire Teevan-Hanman
PantherClass Teacher (Maternity leave)Miss Hannah Patterson
Lion Class Teacher (job share)Mrs Liz Beck
Lion Class Teacher (job share) (Maternity leave)Mrs Jenny Hayward
Tiger Class TeacherMrs Pippa Holmes 
Bee Croft TeacherMrs Charlotte Gooch
Intervention Teacher KS1Mrs Alicia Little
Intervention Teacher Mrs Jenny Monk
HLTA / Pastoral supportMrs Andrea Clifton
Lion TAMrs Natalie Tricker
Panther TAMrs Michelle Coniam
Tiger TAMiss Lia Atashkhar
Zebra TAMrs Sarah Flynn
Zebra TA morningsMrs Lisa Betts
Bee Croft HLTAMrs Claire Page
Bee Croft TAMrs Sab Hussain
Bee Croft TAMiss Helen Glasse
Bee Croft TAMrs Jennifer Buttery
TAMrs Laura Lawrence
Office staffMrs Erica Reeve
Lead MDSA Mrs Connie Roberts
MDSAMrs Jo Buckland
MDSAMrs Alison Collier
MDSAMrs Charlene Webster
MDSAMrs Gemma Watson
MDSAMrs Jan Coniam
MDSAMrs Nicky Lindsell
Head CookMrs Tracy Aldous
CookMrs Sherrie Jackson
CleanerMr Steven Agar
CleanerMs Julie Bagley

Causton Staff

Kingfishers Class TeacherMiss Emily Wratten
Puffins Class TeacherMiss Sam Hardy
Doves Class Teacher (job share)Mrs Ros Hall
Doves Class Teacher (job share)Mr Denis Keegan
Wrens Class TeacherMr Casper Van-Gameren
Owls Class Teacher KS2 Phase LeaderMrs Julie Gardiner
Kestrels Class TeacherMrs Helen Hockley
Eagles Class Teacher (job share)Miss Adel Felgate
Eagles Class Teacher (job share)Mrs Alicia Little
Robins 1 Class TeacherMrs Pippa Coleman
Robins 2 Class TeacherMrs Helen Burns
Goldcrests Class TeacherMrs Fiona Hunt
PPA teacherMrs Sam Carr
Intervention teacherMrs Jo Thompson
Intervention teacherMiss Sarah Bozier
Year 3/4 TAMrs Sally Long
Year 3/4 TAMrs Alison Coonan
Year 3 TA morningsMrs Rebecca Flatman
Year 3 TA afternoons Mrs Lisa Betts
Wrens TAMrs Rebecca Marshall
Wrens TAMrs Sue Bateman
Owls TAMrs Jane Pilcher
Eagles TAMrs Sue Farthing
Kestrels TAMiss Charlotte Jacobs
Robins TAMrs Emma Perkins
Robins TAMiss Sophie Cantwell
Robins TAMrs Mel Summers
Robins TAMrs Faith Myers
Robins TAMiss Sarah Pountney
Robins TAvacancy
Goldcrests HLTAMrs Sharon McCandless
Goldcrests TAMrs Nicola Savage
Goldcrests TAMrs Dawn Richardson
Goldcrests TAMrs Catherine Sparrow
Pastoral SupportMrs Carolyn Batram
Pastoral SupportMs Rebeka McRae
SAAMrs Fiona Uttridge
Lead MDSAMrs Marcy Howieson
MDSAMrs Faith Myers
MDSAMiss Ailsa Taylor
MDSAMrs Cathy Schrier
MDSAMrs Donna Ellis
MDSAMrs Susan Battle
MDSAMrs Katrina Davies
Head CookMrs Anita Warner
CookMrs Fiona Clow
CookMrs Lorna Dalziel
CleanerMr Reece Clifton
CleanerMiss Sarah Uttridge
CleanerMiss Emma Felgate
CleanerMs Anne Owen
CleanerMr David Roberts