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At Maidstone and Causton we are using Seesaw app to support sharing what is happening in the classroom with you at home. It is simple and a fantastic way to stay connected with your child’s learning.

What is Seesaw?
How can I connect to my child’s digital portfolio?
How do I know when my child has posted to their portfolio?
How many family members can register to my child’s account?


We have been using Seesaw since the Summer Term in 2018 and we have had lots of positive feedback from parents that have connected with their child’s portfolio. Here are some examples of feedback:

I really like seeing my child’s learning at home so we can talk about what he has been doing rather than the usual I didn’t do anything at School today.

I now get more notifications from you on Seesaw than I do my friends but I prefer it that way!

My child explained to me the Maths she was learning and how she enjoyed doing it.

We really enjoy looking at our child’s work and seeing what she does during the day at School. She is very proud of the work she has done and showing it to us.

I think it’s brilliant as it is an online learning journey and we don’t have to wait until parents evening to find out what they are doing in the classroom. It gives us a conversation and I can connect with what he is doing at School.