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What is Transition?

Transition is when your child moves from one educational phase to the next, for example from Key Stage One (age 5-7) to Key Stage Two (7-11). Change is a normal part of life and can provide opportunities for children to develop their resilience.

At SET Maidstone and Causton, the transition period is gradual which allows the children to adapt to their new routine. Class teachers will monitor any children who may need extra time and support to adapt.

Take a look around the new 360° Tour of our school and get a feel for where different areas are, then when you arrive you will feel like you know the school already.

Early Years to Key Stage One 

Year 1 and 2 differs to Reception class in that the learning is more formal. English and mathematical skills are developed in Years 1 and 2. There are wider opportunities for your child to access new subjects based on the National Curriculum and to take on more responsibilities within the school, such as class monitor.

Key Stage One to Key Stage Two – Maidstone site to Causton site

We have opportunities throughout the year for the children to visit our Causton site with their current class and teacher. In May, we start to discuss moving into Year 3 and arrange learning fayres for the Year 2 children to attend to find out more about learning opportunities in Key Stage 2. In late June, the children will meet teaching staff and get the chance to complete fun activities in their new surroundings.

Children will be supported by staff from across our School, as they make the transition into Key Stage 2.

Key Stage Two to Key Stage Three – Secondary School

Most of our Year 6 children move on to Felixstowe School and our sister school SET Saxmundham School.

All children who are going to attend the Academy have an induction day where they meet their new class teacher, and find out about life at the Felixstowe School. Children, who may find the move more challenging, are invited to attend ‘Stepping Up’ sessions. These sessions help the children to learn more about Academy life, and where they can go for more support.

In the summer term, a member of Felixstowe School staff comes over to our Causton site to teach the children Modern Foreign Languages for a morning. This enables the Year 6 teachers to be out of the classroom to discuss individual children with teaching staff from the Academy.

Our Year 5 children also visit the Academy for a DT morning and a science morning.

If children are moving on to any other secondary placement, our Year 6 children also liaise closely with these schools.