SET Maidstone & Causton School is a non-selective and inclusive School. It will cater for students of all levels and abilities and a range of emotional and social needs. Seckford Education Trust believes in providing a broad and balanced, academically focussed curriculum in which inclusive practices enable access for all children.

In order to promote and ensure inclusion, we recruit outstanding teachers. Teachers who work at SET Maidstone & Causton School have applied to work with us because of our inclusive ethos and have extensive experience in inclusion in state education. The commitment of each and every staff member to inclusion has been rigorously tested at interview. We provide more Professional Development Days for our staff than would normally be expected (10 instead of 5). This is purposely designed to ensure the necessary time for the training of our staff to meet the specific needs of the students in our School. As part of a wider Trust, SET Maidstone & Causton School staff benefits from links between the Schools within the Trust to share the experience, expertise and good practice of our staff and to tap into qualifications across our network for the benefit of our students.

On a day-to-day basis, staff are aware of our clear expectations related to inclusion. Teaching and inclusion staff are expected to make the necessary adaptations to learning resources and materials and/or the objectives of the activities for each individual student in order to ensure appropriate progress and the achievement of all individual, social and academic goals. This expectation is so important it forms a central strand of the job descriptions of staff.

Our beliefs and goals are encapsulated in an Inclusion Policy and an Accessibility Plan that lay out clearly the way that SET Maidstone & Causton School operates with regard to inclusive practice. All staff are expected to know every student’s name and needs. Our ethos, founded on ‘Enjoy, Achieve, Thrive’ will ensure that every child has the same access to the experiences and challenges of school life.

At SET Maidstone & Causton School, inclusion is part of a much larger picture than just placement in regular classes. Inclusion is about having access, but it is also about being welcomed and embraced as a member who belongs to our diverse community. We believe that the objective of inclusion is achieved only when a child is participating in the activities of the School and their classes with the support they need to achieve to their highest potential.