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Merger Of SET Maidstone & SET Causton Schools

Seckford Education Trust would like to thank parents, carers, stakeholders, and the wider community for engaging in our recent public consultation, which ran from 21st June to 15th August.

The consultation encouraged views on the proposed merger of SET Maidstone and SET Causton to form one all-through primary school for September 2022 and the combined admission arrangements which would be necessary should the schools merge. It was widely publicised to parents, members of the community and stakeholders through letters, media articles, social media, the website and digital advertising.

Following the positive response to the public consultation, Seckford Education Trust submitted a formal application for the merger to the Regional Schools Commissioner and we are delighted to inform you that the merger has been approved.

If you have questions or concerns, please email or phone 01394 283374 to speak with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and we will be pleased to answer these.

Conditions Of The Merger

  1. Merging the two academies to form one all through primary academy on the SET Causton site with effect from 1 September 2022.

2. Increasing the age range at SET Causton from 3 years to 11 years.

3. Varying the admissions arrangements at SET Causton to reflect the age range changes.

4. Increasing the capacity at SET Causton from 300 to 365 places.

5. Reducing the PAN at Reception (Year R) from 75 to 45.

6. The Regional Schools Commissioner has also given agreement, in principle, to the closure of SET Maidstone, subject to Ministerial approval.

7. Relinquishing the lease of the SET Maidstone site, subject to separate Secretary of State approval, via a land transaction application.

Next Steps

Seckford Education Trust is pleased to invite you to take part in some community events, where you will have the opportunity to see our building plans and be involved in the naming of the school.

These events are all taking place at SET Causton, Maidstone Road, Felixstowe IP11 9ED.

Dates and times of community drop-in events:  

Friday 12th November 2-3.30pm

Friday 26th November 9-10.30am

Friday 3rd December 11 – 12.30pm

Questions Posed

How will the school manage any extra traffic on the Maidstone Road?
How will the children in the SET Maidstone Specialist Unit be supported with the transition to the SET Causton site?
How will the small school feel of SET Maidsone be maintained?/ How will the school be managed with older and younger students on the same site?
How can it be that there is a reduction in pupil numbers in the area when new houses are being built?

Questions and Answers

How did the consultation impact on the Trust’s decision?
What are the benefits of this merger?
Are the fall in pupils numbers a driver for the merger?
What will be the negative aspects of this merger?
What about the status quo?

The Merged School

How will this affect our pupils?
What opportunities will it bring for our pupils?
What will this mean our teaching and support staff?
Will the merged School have a governing body?
Will the uniforms change?
What will be the name of the merged school?
How will the merged school change?
What will happen to the SET Maidstone site?
What about the Trust’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010?